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What I think about friendships on Internet #1

2014-05-07 12:01:33 by Luminem

I've met many people on my life. They are fantastic people, I fell in love with some of them though I'm not actually happy of meeting all of them.

I think I get along with almost all people I meet face to face, I mean on real life, on street etc... there are several exceptions but nobody here know about who I'm talking about so I won't explain anything.

However... I don't get along with people I met on Internet. There are also several exceptions but they're just few. The main problem of meeting people on Internet is that you don't know who's the person who's behind the other computer and most times that's bad... Without going further here on Newgrounds, I've met some people who I want to forget. First time I spoke with them I thought they were really good persons though... I don't think the same now. I think here on Newgrounds one girl is a bit retarded or I don't know what happen. Another one is a super pervert... and more there are more people about who speaking about but I'm so tired... Here on Newgrounds I've met also fantastic people but unfortunately we're not keeping in touch anymore.

I'd like to talk specially with a girl (not here on Newgrounds), I met her on street though I only know her name... fuck the life.


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2014-05-07 13:10:43

imo some friendships online can mean more than some IRL

Luminem responds:

More or less I agree with you somewhat, I know people online who are better than some of my friends on real life. Though most of my friendships online are a bit ... meh principally because you don't anything of the other person and topics you may talk about are more limited, at least for me.

For example, last year I was near a "friend", we used to talk until teachers told us to leave the class. This year, she has had to sit another place, she's from another town so I can't talk with her outside the school so I've to use "WhatsApp" to talk with her... and it's fucking shit. When somebody's facial expression is like "^___^" you discover is not the same to read "^___^" as see it on the another one's face.

I can tell you more examples but I think it's enough with one. :P


2014-05-12 12:48:48

It just depends on the person and their "intentions" with the relationship.

Some people online can be scary and obsessive. I can definitely see where you're coming from.


2014-05-14 21:24:05

Not everyone is a bitch. I think it would be unfair and a bit jugdmental to think of everyone on the internet as a pervert or retard or whatnot. Some people on here are real nice, others not so much. But not everyone is the same, and we just gotta accept them for who they are and hope for the best. "Bring out the best in others."

Luminem responds:

Of course, I know. I met you here and I don't think you're a bitch. I'm not talking about "everyone". I'm just talking about most people who I met on Internet. I wrote this post specially for a person, who isn't here on Newgrounds.