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Words without sense.

2014-03-25 18:09:04 by Luminem

Since last time I wrote something here, I've forgotten how this works. I don't mean this website, obviously I know how a webpage works. I mean flash, I forgot almost all about flash. So if I want to make another game I must re-learn all what I learnt. Though I won't make another game, at least for now. I don't know if I'll make another one on the future.

I'm still making games, I don't upload them here because I think they're not good enough to be here. They're games, but people is bad and if I upload one of those games here they will tell me something like "If you poop over this game, you'll dirty the poop"

I know it doesn't matter if someone says that, but despite I know it doesn't matter I dislike hearing that, I know my games are bad, but I dislike when people say they're. I can say that my games are worse than a poop, but I don't want people tell that. That's my way of thinking.

Other good think about making games for desktop is that I can use the language I want. I'm using Python and Pygame. I love that language and it's so simple that I can make several games on a day. Yes, I know you know that I don't make several games on a day. I don't have enough ideas to make so many games XD

The last game I made with Python was a remake of Pong, I added the possibility of increasing the speed of the ball. It's the ugliest game I've seen on my life. I won't show any picture here, because I'm too lazy to do that. I uploaded the full source code to a GitHub repository besides I recorded all the process of coding and I uploaded it to Twitch... I won't write those links here now because I don't remember then and I'm too tired to look them on my PC.

I think that was all what I wanted to say, maybe I forgot something though I didn't know what I wanted to write. I think when I decided to write this post I thought about writting an story or something like that.


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2014-03-25 19:06:29

Relearning is easy, for you learned it once, so it will all come back to you in a shorter amount of time.