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Game almost finished.

2014-01-23 04:37:28 by Luminem

Three weeks after I started this project, it's almost finished. The last thing I've to add to the game are the menus. I think I won't spend long time because it's easy to make. I'm sorry for being late, I've been sick and I had to do a lot of exams, besides I was bored of remaking this game. It's the project that most time took me, three weeks. if I had started to make this game directlly with flash, this would be easier but started to make the game with python and after that I made another version with html5(broken) and now with flash, so really making the game took me just a week or so but the remakes... besides I made the remakes with languages that I didn't know so it was more difficult.

The time I've spent doesn't matter, the important thing is that it's almost finished. :D


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