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Damn Phaser, damn HTML5

2014-01-11 17:41:53 by Luminem

I tried to use Phaser to make my next game, but after 3 days of hard work, when game was almost finished, Phaser crashed. I lost all my fucking work. I don't know why Phaser crhased, I guess, it's because physics system it uses or it's because I'm idiot, I'm not really sure. I'm gonna try to make the game using flash, I don't know if I'll get something cool, but I wanna make this game. I don't know when I'll finish to make this fucking game but I promise I won't surrender, I wanna make this game though I die.


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2014-01-11 18:18:44

Why didn't you save your work?

Luminem responds:

I've saved my work, but I can't continue working on it. I'd have to remake almost all the code to fix some bugs and I don't want to spend one more week to make a bad game. I've started to work with Flash and Flashpunk, no bugs :3 so I think I'll publish the game next week, maybe next Wednesday ^_^
By the way, if you want the html5 code, I'll give you it.