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Most amazing game ever

2015-12-01 08:01:55 by Luminem

I've tried to make some cool webgames but I'm bored of little things so I've started to work on the biggest project I've ever made. I don't know if I'll able to finish it, but I love working on it. It's a platformer game about, old things... First of all I tried to make it using Haxe or AS3 but I couldn't load the tilemap from a .txt file so I decided to make it for dektop, I'm currently using Python so I don't know if there's any way to convert it to HTML5 or something like that

I'm so glad to say the latest game I uploaded, Collapse, was great! I had never thought it would go so far, mainly because it's very simple and music is a bit "fiadsojfa". It has almost 2k views and I'm so fuckin' proud of that. There's not any word I can use to describe exactly what I feel, it's like "wooooha" or something like that. Alright, I should not stop right now, I've to keep making things like that, thought I'd like to make something more epic, I'm bored of making so simple games.

I've some ideas for a new game, though I don't know if I'll be able to make it to look as I want. I've thought about a RPG game or something like that, but not a RPG like Final Fantasy or these kind of shits, I don't have enough imagination to think a great story, I've friends who, very probably, might think a good story but if the story is too complex I'd have to make a big game and I'm so lazy.

Summary: New game, probably RPG or... I don't know...

- Luminnem -


New game coming soon...

2014-08-28 15:30:14 by Luminem

Hey! I'm back, I know you missed me and I missed you all.

Meanwhile I wasn't here I've been making some cool stuf... Yes I'm kidding. I've been going to many parties on my town and the only thing I may say about them is that I hate them... There are many pretty girls but parties here on my town are fucking boring. Sex and alcohol... I don't drink alcohol and I'm pretty shy(really I don't) so I didn't have sex.

Anyways they're over and ludum dare was last week weekend so I decided to particate to delete the bad experience from my head. I made a little game using Pything and I uploaded it to another website which name I won't write here because I don't want to do spam. That game was a bit bad due to the time limits so last monday I decided to remake it using flash and it's almost over. Probably I'll upload it tomorrow or when I get a good soundtrack.

I've applied some things which all people who played my games asked me to put them on my games, a sound system. It seems easy to make but this is the first time I make one, really it was easy to make but I was so lazy. I made it because it's a remake for my ludum dare which had a sound system so if I didn't make it for this game it would be a demake not a remake. I've also added many cool features which original version didn't have. I'm not gonna say what I added because I don't want to spoil them.

Anyways I'm tired of writting this so I'll finish here, I hope you enjoyed reading this.

I love you <3

- Luminnem -

I've worked for a couple weeks on my website and now, it looks pretty nice. It has been a quite hard work because bugs are easy to make and not so easy to fix. I know there are several bugs but I'm working to fix them all. I've a really good notice for me, a guy who I met last Saturday will join to me and we will work on my website together. I think I should not trust in a person who I've just met, but... I trust on the person who introduced me to him. He will work on the design and that's pretty cool because I'm really bad at design.

I've changed a lot of things since first version 0.1. That version had many things but they didn't work really well and I had to disable them all. I'm currently working on 0.4 version which will enable user profiles again with new features and a better design.

The website doesn't work really well on smartphones but don't worry because I'll try to fix that on next versions, the problem of that is that I'll have to work on the web version and on the smartphone version. I won't make an app for now though I don't rule it for the future. I know it would be really cool to make a website for mobile phones because now almost everyone uses one, but I dislike them so I'll firstly make the version for the device I love.

I don't know what more to say about this, you can follow me on my website if you want to read and see really cool things like pink ponies or things like that xDD Obviously I'm kidding.

My username is luminnem, so check it out the website and don't forget to follow me. Oh by the way, it would be awesome if you post post cool stuff and show it to me, because I'm really bored and I want to see cool things. ;)

The link of the website: Posit

Today, it's my last day here on my town. Tomorrow, I've to go to another place to do university access exams. I'm very nervous because it's the first time on my life I do something like that. I'll be with two friends on that place, but I'll far away my home. It's difficult to explain how that sensation is... I'll miss much my parents and my brother though I'll come back next friday...Maybe with a key for university. I don't know if those exams will be difficult despite of being pretty nervous. I would like to go there and to see what that is. I don't know how to explain.

Today, it's my last day here so I'm gonna use the time to watch a movie, <The Wolf Of Wall Street>. This will be the second time I watch that movie but I think this movie deserves to be watched again, twice, three times or more. I don't know how to explain what I felt when I watched the movie for the first time, it was so awesome that I was motivated. Thanks to that motivation, I've published two games in less than a month. Making them has taken me less than two days. I've big problems to have ideas to make games, I've also some problems to draw the graphics, but once the idea is clear it's easy to make it, even drawing the graphics.


P.S. If you have time enough, you MUST watch <The Wolf Of Wall Street>.

- Luminnem -

I've met many people on my life. They are fantastic people, I fell in love with some of them though I'm not actually happy of meeting all of them.

I think I get along with almost all people I meet face to face, I mean on real life, on street etc... there are several exceptions but nobody here know about who I'm talking about so I won't explain anything.

However... I don't get along with people I met on Internet. There are also several exceptions but they're just few. The main problem of meeting people on Internet is that you don't know who's the person who's behind the other computer and most times that's bad... Without going further here on Newgrounds, I've met some people who I want to forget. First time I spoke with them I thought they were really good persons though... I don't think the same now. I think here on Newgrounds one girl is a bit retarded or I don't know what happen. Another one is a super pervert... and more there are more people about who speaking about but I'm so tired... Here on Newgrounds I've met also fantastic people but unfortunately we're not keeping in touch anymore.

I'd like to talk specially with a girl (not here on Newgrounds), I met her on street though I only know her name... fuck the life.

Version 0.2 Changelog

2014-04-05 06:08:52 by Luminem

Duplicated comments aren't shown any more.
Added web page icon.
Added rules.
Login with enter key.

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More strange things to fix

2014-04-04 11:09:00 by Luminem

Today an user has seen my profile and he went to Posit. I want to say him thank you very much. He has given me a super feedback, he told me many things to fix and I'll fix them. I don't know why I've not fixed them before I think because I didn't know about their existence, but now that I know about it I'll fix them all.

If you visit Posit and you see something that you don't like please tell me. If you see a bug or something you don't like as colors or others things just tell me I'll listen you all.

To end I wanna say that to tell me about that I would like you send me an email because it's a good way to organize the information. If you want you can also tell me here on the comments below or if you see me on the chat you can tell me there.

Thank you very much


- Luminnem -

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New update coming soon

2014-04-03 17:31:46 by Luminem

I'm very proud to announce that a new update of my website is almost finished. This update allow user to post more than one picture at once. I've had to change a lot of things and one of the most important is the "lab". I don't know why I named it lab but it's basically a place where you can write the caption for all your pictures.

I've also fixed a lot of bugs but I didn't write them and I've forgotten them so. Despite few big changes I've modified a lot of source code and it has over 2000 source code lines now. It isn't as big as Facebook or other sites but what do you want? I'm one and they're 1k.

I must admit that styles are a bit ugly but the guy who worked with me have to go to highschool and he can work now. I don't know if he will may work when he has free time but not for now.

I don't know what more about this. I'll write the link here (sorry for the SPAM) and if you want, visit it and do whatever you want.

If you want to know more about it or something, tell me. ^_^


- Luminnem -

You won't ever know how long took me to write the previous post. Despite my english is pretty good here, on Spain. I feel really strange when I try to write a long post. I know perfectly what to say but I don't know all the words. I don't want to have mistakes so after writting the full post, I copy it to the translator and I see if there are errors.

Many people have told me that I should not use the translator, but I'm not actually using the translator to write this text, I'm using translator to make sure I'm not writting big mistakes. Now that I think about it, maybe I'm writting a lot of mistakes because of translator... From now, I'll try not to use the translator any more :D